ASL Sermons


Catholic Deaf Activities NYC Area

Fr. Mike Depcik, the Deaf priest, has a web site that shows his sermons from church and other interesting things.    To see it, click here.

Another web site has the beginning of the Mass in sign language with the readings from the
Bible and a sermon.  Go to this web site of the
Archdiocese of Atlanta and go down to the ASL
Ministry Project.

See Father Pat McCahill's sermons:

Feb 16, 2014 click here

Mar 2, 2014  Why Lent? Why ashes?

Mar 16, 2014  Jesus shows he is glorious Son of God.

Apr 6, 2014  Jesus gives life now and in heaven.

May 18, 2014  Mary is the Mother of Jesus and our Mother.

August 3, 2014  Jesus feeds 5000.

Sept 7, 2014  What is love?