Reading 2 Sunday 19 A

Reading 2 Sunday 19 A

A reading from St. Paul’s letter to Romans               Romans 9:1-5

Brothers and sisters:  I speak the truth, I belong to Christ and I do not lie.  My conscience ruled by the Holy Spirit tells me the truth.  I want to say that I have great sorrow, and the pain in my heart never stops.  I wish I could help my people, my flesh and blood.  I would accept the curse of God and be separated from Christ if it could help my brothers and sisters of Israel. 

They are God’s people.  God made them his children, he showed his glory to them. He made a promise with them and gave them the Law.  They have the true worship; they received God’s promises.  They are born from Jewish people of long ago.  Christ is also born of the same Jewish family.  God rules over all things.  Blessed be God forever.  Amen.

The word of the Lord


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