God made the first man and woman and wanted to give them all the food they needed because He loved them. Now God gives us the Holy Meal, the Mass, Holy Communion because He loves us.

When God wanted to lead his people out of slavery and bring them to freedom, he began with a holy meal, the Passover meal. Now God wants to lead us to full freedom by a holy meal, the Mass. The special food he gives us us the Body and Blood of Jesus.

When God led his people out of slavery, he brought them to Mt. Sinai to enter a new relationship with them, a covenant. He did this by having a holy meal with his people. Now God enters a special relationship with us in the holy meal, the Mass.

Jesus came to be our food, why? We are all hungry. Hungry to God, to know Jesus, to know God loves us and Jesus saves us. We are hungry for the food from heaven that will help us on our journey in life. Jesus is the food we need. He gives us that food in the Mass, Holy Communion.