Gospel 15 A

A reading from the holy Gospel according to Matthew             Matthew 13:1-13

Jesus left the house and sat near the lake. Large crowds came around Jesus, so Jesus got into a boat and sat down.  The people stood on the beach and Jesus began to teach them many things in parables.

Jesus said, “Imagine a farmer going out to sow.  While the farmer was sowing, some seeds fell on the edge of the path.  Birds came and ate all the seeds.  Some seeds fell on rocky ground, there was little soil.  The seeds grew very quickly, but the sun burnt the plants, and because they did not have enough roots they died.  Some seeds fell in thorn bushes, and the thorn bushes grew and chocked the seeds.  Some seeds fell on good rich soil, these seeds grew and gave crops.  Some plants made a hundred grains, some sixty and some thirty.  If you want to understand, listen, think carefully about my message.”

This is the Gospel of the Lord


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