Gospel Sunday 16 A

A reading from the holy Gospel according to Matthew.    Matthew 12:24-43

Jesus told a parable to the crowds, “The kingdom of heaven is like a man that sewed good seed in his field.  While everybody was asleep, the enemy came and sowed weeds in the field and then the enemy went away.  Later, when the new wheat grew, the weeds appeared also.  The servant went to the man and said, “You sowed good seeds in the field?  Where did the weeds come from?”  The man answered, “An enemy must have come and planted weeds.”  The servant said, “Do you want me to go and pull out the weeds?”  The man answered, “No, because when you pull out the weeds, you might also pull out the good wheat.  Better let wheat and weeds grow together.  Then when the wheat is ready.  I will tell the workers to harvest.  I will tell them first collect the weeds and burn them, then gather the wheat and save it in my barn.”

Jesus told them another parable:  The Kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed.  It is the smallest of all the seeds; but when the farmer puts it into the soil, it grows to become the largest of bushes.  It is so big ‘the birds of the sky come and rest in its branches.’”

The Gospel of the Lord.


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