Gospel Third Sunday of Easter

Gospel Third Sunday of Easter

 Third Sunday of Easter “A”


A reading from the holy Gospel according to Luke                           Luke 24:13-35

Two disciples walked to a village named Emmaus, seven miles from Jerusalem.  They were both talking about what had happened recently.  While they were talking, Jesus himself walked with them.  They saw him but they did not recognize that it was Jesus.  Jesus said to them, “What are you talking about?”  The two disciples stopped, their faces looked very sad.  One of the two disciples named Cleopas said to Jesus, “You must be the only person in Jerusalem not knowing the things that happened there in the last few days. Jesus asked, “What things?”  They said to him, “All about Jesus of Nazareth.  He was a great prophet.  He did wonderful work and did wonderful things about God.  But our high priests and our Jewish leaders condemned Jesus to death by crucifying him.  We hoped that Jesus would be the one to free Israel. 

But there’s more news: two days ago Jesus was killed; and now we are surprised because some women told us that they went to the tomb early this morning.  They could not find the body of Jesus and they came back to tell us that they saw angels.  The angels told the women Jesus is alive! Some of our friends went to the tomb, and everything the women said was true.  The body was not in the tomb, they didn’t see Jesus.”

Then Jesus said to the two disciples, “You foolish men!  So slow to believe the message of the prophets.  Remember the prophets said Jesus must suffer before he received glory.”  So Jesus began to explain the story about Moses and the different prophets, and that all the things written in the scriptures were really about Jesus himself.

Then they came near the village, Jesus wanted to continue walking but the two disciples persuaded him to stay with them.  They said, “The day is nearly finished and it is becoming dark.  So Jesus went in to stay with them.  They sat down to eat.  Jesus took the bread and said the prayer of blessing.  He broke the bread and gave it to them.  Their eyes were opened and they recognized Jesus, but he disappeared.  The two disciples said to each other, “While Jesus talked to us along the road explaining the scriptures, our hearts burned inside us.”

The two disciples left Emmaus and quickly walked back to Jerusalem.  They found the eleven disciples there together with their friends.  The apostles told the two disciples, “Yes it is true.  The Lord has truly risen.  He appeared to Simon Peter.”  So the two disciples told them the story of what had happened along the road, and that they only recognized that the man was Jesus when he broke the bread.

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