Reading 1 Advent 3 B

Reading 1 Advent 3 B

A reading from book of prophet Isaiah.    Isaiah 61:1-2, 10-11.

The spirit of the lord has been given to me because the Lord anointed me.  The lord chose me to go and tell the good news to poor people; to heal broken hearts; to tell those suffering from stress that they are now free; to those imprisoned freedom and to proclaim the Lord’s year of support.

‘I am happy in the Lord; my soul is happy in my God  because God saved me and made me good.  I am happy same-as a bridegroom wearing flowers around neck, same-as a bride with beautiful jewels.’

Because the earth lets fresh things grow and a garden lets seeds grow; so in the same way, the Lord will make sure all people are united and good, and they will praise God.

The word of the Lord


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