Reading 2 Sunday 26 A

Reading 2 Sunday 26 A

A reading from St. Paul’s Letter to Philippians.       Philippians 2:1-11 

Brothers and sisters: I ask you what does our life in Christ mean to you?  Does love mean anything to you?  Do we share the same Spirit?  Do you have kindness and mercy for other people?  Are things important to you?  If you believe this you will make me very happy.

I want you all to have the same thoughts that we have.  I want you to be together with the same love in your hearts that we have.  Agree with each other, do not get involved in competition.  Everyone must not be proud but be humble.   Always think other people are better than yourselves.  Don’t be selfish, don’t think about yourself,  but think about helping other people.  You must have the same attitude as Jesus Christ.

The word of the Lord


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